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      More than just breeding

                The Tegusonly Difference


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current pictures and prices.  305 772 8140



Tegusonly is truly unique in that all of my tegus are rescued from an organized effort to

euthanize and eradicate them as a nonnative invasive species.


Prior to 2005, an irresponsible breeding operation released hundreds of tegus into a near perfect

habitat and ecosystem. The tegus I offer are the descendants of that action.


My tegus come from a population and gene pool now estimated to be over twenty thousand.

Darwinian logic has very much been a factor in creating the best of the best in the

Tupinambus merianae's I capture today. These animals have thrived, without selective

breeding, in natural sunlight, with a wide variety and abundance of food items.

Unfortunately, the native species here are the abundant food supply.


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For more info, contact me at  or call  305 772 8140


                                     Rodney Irwin

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