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  Buy Florida Tegus -  Save lives

​My Tegus are captured from a thriving and growing wild population located

adjacent to the Everglades at the southernmost tip of Florida.

They are the decendants of a large group that were released from a major breeding

operation in the 1990's - 2005. Our natural environment here is ideal for Tegus,

Pythons, Monitors, Caiman and other non-native reptiles.

Living in the wild, they take advantage of the abundant food supply

and execllent habitat. Unfortunately, our native species are the abundant

food supply.

I am a licensed trapper for the state of Florida, specializing in the removal

of non-natives. For me personally, I derive a great deal of satisfaction

knowing the Tegus I capture will not be euthanized as part of an

eradication program already in place for Burmese Pythons.

Tegus are currently considered non-native invasives and can be killed

on sight. The next step in the regulatory process is already on the horizon.


To members of the Herp. community, this is unimaginable.

However, this is the status of Burmese pythons now.

I am in a position where I see both sides of the coin. I am a descendant from a 

family of pioneers. We have grown up, living, fishing and hunting in what is now

the Everglades National Park and the surrounding areas since 1897.

Native Florida wildlife have always been a special part of our lives. The balance

that evolved over millions of years is no longer in balance. The invasives,

especially those that feed on eggs in the nest, can destroy an entire generation

in a single feeding. The Everglades is a truly unique ecosystem. Many of the

wading bird species, crocodiles, reptiles and mammals have been endangered,

with declining populations prior to the arrival a new wave of foreign predators.

Relocating Tegus is a win-win action for the Tegus and our natives.



                           Tupinambis merianae    

                       Wild Caught and Captive Bred

Genetically, they are the same animals.The Argentine

Black and Whites are known as the Gentile Giants of the

species. It is the genetic makeup that makes them so

special. Captive bred Tegus live in a box from the hatchling

stage until they are sold. Their interaction with humans is usually when food is placed in the enclosure and

when the cage is cleaned. My Tegus are much more familar

with changing environments and a wide variety of foods.

There is no difference between wild caught and captive bred with respect to Tameness. Tupinambis merianae are by nature gentle creatures. Genetic predisposition is a trait that can not be bred into or out of tegus.

It is very important to understand the process in which your

Tegu becomes easy to handle and a great friend. You will be the

the first human to spend quality time with your Tegu on a

one to one basis. Your Tegu's future behavior starts here.

No one, captive breeder, wholesaler, pet store or myself,

can predict what your Tegu will be like in years to come.

That is up to you.


I specialize in Argentine Black and White Tegus. They are the

only lizards I offer for sale.

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