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                 The Scratch and Dent Page

      For pictures and pricing on available Scratch and Dents-

     go to the tegusonly Facebook page



Tegusonly is a business and a labor of love.

                        Both in equal parts


 Unique challenges just come with the terrority. On any given day,my inventory fluctuates

with the animals I capture.It can change from zero captures to plus 10 or more in both sexes

and all sizes.The logistics of accomadating a variable such as this are considerable.

Narly all of the tegus captured are robust and in good health as a result of natural sunlight,

a wide variety of food items to choose from, and plenty of execerize.However, some are

not perfect. By far, the most common issues are broken or regerated tails.It is very seldom

i capture sick or injured Tegu.I cannot release them back into the wild.


A Scratch and Dent sale is a great opportunity to purchase a healthy tegu that is not cosmetically

perfect at about half the price of one of my grade A tegus.  I do not sell any tegu as grade A

unless it meets the standard for such designation.Your purchase of a Scratch and Dent

helps my operation, the tegus and our native species.


 All sales are first come, first served.





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