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In early spring 2013, Tom Crutchfield and I were searching

for serpents in an area adjacent to Everglades National Park.

The water was drying up, trapping thousands of small fish in shallow water. Birds arrived in growing numbers. The feast

continued for three days. All of the bird species seen here

are in peril from non-native invasive reptiles that invade the nests,

feed on eggs and hatchlings, killing an entire generation at a time.

"I've known Rodney Irwin as friend for a little over twenty years. He has helped us out on many occasions with different

animals and species. Most recently, he is working with the media to focus attention on the Argentine Tegu problem

and its impact on Florida native wildlife. Currently, Rodney has dedicated considerible time and effort to remove Tegus

in large numbers from Florida lands."



Bob Freer

Founder, Everglades Outpost

A Non Profit Wildlife Rescue Organization



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