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SPECIAL 1 WEEK  150.00 SALE 4/25- 5/2 2016

This is your opportunity to purchase GRADE A tegus in all sizes at a great price.


Your purchase rescues Florida tegus from a major euthanasia and eradication plan currently in progress by the state. In addition, the native species will thank you for your help in removing these nonnatives from their habitat. You will receive a healthy grade A tegu from a gene pool of over twenty thousand animals mating in the wild.


If you love tegus and would like to assist the balance of nature in a way that protects the very special ecosystem that is the Everglades, this is a purchase you can feel good about.


As this is breeding season, adult females and breeding size pairs are not included in this sale.

However, there are over one hundred grade A tegus available.


I have resumed capture operations and will need the space for new arrivals.




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